"Serving the Community"

OFFICE: 608-374-7400

About the Department

- The Tomah Police Department provides a 24-hour a day public protection service to the citizens and community of Tomah. The 2015 total calls for service was 14,308. In 2014, the Tomah Police Department handled approximately 15,031 calls for service. These calls include phone calls/complaints from dispatch, counter complaints, in person reporting of incidents, community Police contacts, self initiated contacts and traffic stops. Previously, the Tomah Police Department handled approximately 14,387 calls for service in 2013, 17,247 calls for service in 2012, approximately 17,108 calls for service in 2011, approximately 20,460 calls for service in 2010 and approximately 21,816 calls for service in 2009.

- The Department serves about 9,300 residents and patrols approximately 9.0 square miles within the City limits. An average of 3,000 additional people commute to work within the City per day. The City is a main artery for transportation that includes Interstates 90 and 94, US Highway 12, State Highways 16, 21 and 131, County Highways ET, CA and CM. The City has Greyhound bus services, along with an Amtrak train depot and a City owned airport.

- The Department is equipped with four marked Ford SUV Police Interceptors, one marked Police Tahoe (K-9 vehicle), one un-marked sport utility vehicle (Supervisor's vehicle), four un-marked squads (Chief's take-home car, Two Investigator's vehicles and a Training car). The Tomah Police Department also has a Tactical Unit van, a marked Nuisance Abatement Vehicle and two mountain bikes. Each patrol vehicle is equipped with a variety of equipment including a shotgun, patrol rifle, water rescue devices, road spikes and radar. Each Officer is also assigned a take-home portable radio.

- The Department is staffed by a Chief of Police, two Lieutenants (one in charge of Operations and one in charge of Support Services), five Sergeants who act as shift supervisors, nine Patrol Officers, one School Resource Officer, two Investigators, and a clerical staff of four. The Police Department's Office is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 AM to 8:30 PM (except holidays).

The New Police Department Building

- The Tomah Police Department moved into their new Police building at the end of 2008. The project began in October 2007 and was completed by October 2008. The new building is a great addition to the City and about triples the Officer workspace of our old station. For more information, check out the building link under the photographs page.

LINK - Video Tour of the Police Department